Professional Learning in CLD

The CLD Standards Council believes that practitioners should continue their professional development throughout their involvement in CLD, with professional learning as an integral part of their practice.

To support practitioners, the CLD Standards Council will nurture a culture of learning in our sector in order that individual engagement will contribute to the development of the whole profession; we will celebrate learning, relish challenge and reflect critically on our practice.

(Growing the Learning Culture in CLD, 2015)

This culture is underpinned by the values [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] and competences of CLD and commitment to our Code of Ethics.

The Competent Practitioner Framework brings together the knowledge, skills and personal characteristics that make up competence in CLD practice.

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Figure 1 CLD Standards Council Competence Framework

The Competent Practitioner Framework comprises:

7 competences, 5 key attributes and the definition of a competent practitioner.

Each competence has a Purpose, Context and Indicators which sit underneath the Competence heading; these are described in the Competent Practitioner Framework.

Download your Reflective Log. You can complete the activities within the log using an IT devise or choose to print it off.

Activity 1 – Reflective Log Activity

In your Reflective Log consider what you hope to achieve in studying this course.

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