1 Understanding Dyslexia in Scotland

In this section we look at:

1.1 The Scottish Context

1.2 What is Dyslexia?

1.3 Background to Dyslexia

1.4 The Impact of Dyslexia

Activity 2 - Reflective Log

Before you begin this module it will be helpful to note down your current knowledge and understanding of dyslexia, at the end of this module you will have an opportunity to reflect on your learning and revisit this activity. Your reflections can be used as evidence to support your professional learning and development.

In your Reflective Log consider what dyslexia means to you. This could include the following:

  • What is your understanding of dyslexia?
  • Have you experienced supporting individuals who may be or know they are dyslexic? If so, has there been an impact on individuals/ learners you have or are working with?
  • Is this an area in which you feel a comfortable level of knowledge and understanding?

Professional Learning in CLD

1.1 The Scottish Context