2.1 What is assessment?

Assessment is a dynamic process within learning and should actively involve the individual.

The process takes a supportive and holistic approach which includes consultation and the gathering of information from varied sources in order to verify the needs of the individual and to suggest interventions.

Assessment acknowledges that individuals develop as a result of an interaction between themselves and their environment. The assessment is:

  • conducted over time and across different contexts
  • minimally intrusive, whilst achieving the best outcome for the individual
  • inextricably linked to intervention in such a way that the assessment is formative and provides results that inform any required intervention or reasonable adjustment
  • built upon and intended to inform the on-going cycle of assessment, planning, intervention and review
  • collaborative and developed by working in partnership with the individual and those involved
  • mindful to consider and promote the individual’s strengths for learning

2 Curriculum and Assessment

2.2 Assessment in School