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Dyslexia Scotland is a national charity that aims to enable people with dyslexia to reach their potential in education, employment and life. It exists to support people with dyslexia as well as those who support them. Educators, employers and adults with dyslexia can make use of Dyslexia Scotland’s services, including: their Helpline, publications, membership, adult networks, assessment and tutoring services, careers and employability service, Branch events across Scotland, Education conference and other events, dyslexia awareness training and advice.

Dyslexia Scotland leaflets


  • What is dyslexia? Download PDF  (Audio)
  • Checklist and indicators of dyslexia Download PDF  (Audio)
  • Famous people with dyslexia Download PDF  
  • Dyslexia and visual issues Download PDF (AudioAudio player: Dyslexia_visual_issues.m4a )
  • Visual Issues - Frequently Asked Questions Download PDF
  • Dyslexia and self esteem Download PDF
  • Dyslexia friendly formats Download PDF
  • Dyslexia friendly tips for speakers Download PDF
  • Exams Download PDF (Audio)
  • Mind Mapping Download PDF
  • Dyslexia and ICT Download PDF (Audio)
  • Dyscalculia Download PDF
  • Dè th’ann an diosleagsia? (Gaelic) Download PDF
  • Czym jest dysleksja? (Polish) Download PDF


  • Assessments for adults Download PDF(Audio)
  • Guide for students in university or collegeDownload PDF(AudioAudio player: Dyslexia_a_guide_for_students.m4a )
  • Guide for lecturing staff in university or collegeDownload PDF (AudioAudio player: Dyslexia_a_guide_for_lecturing_staff.m4a )
  • Introduction to Study Skills Download PDF (AudioAudio player: Study_skills.m4a )

Employment and the workplace

  • Applications and interviews for employees  Download PDF
  • Applications and interviews for employers Download PDF(AudioAudio player: Applications_and_%20interviews_a_guide_%20for_employers.m4a )
  • Dyslexia: A guide for employees Download PDF (AudioAudio player: Dyslexia_a_guide_for_employees.m4a )
  • Dyslexia: A guide for employers Download PDF (AudioAudio player: Dyslexia_a_guide_for_employers.m4a
  • Construction Industry and Dyslexia Download PDF

Dyslexia Unwrapped

Dyslexia Unwrapped is a separately designed, interactive, age appropriate Dyslexia Scotland website for dyslexic children and young people aged 8-18. The website maximises the use of graphics, audio and videos to make it dyslexia-friendly. Over 240 young people with dyslexia helped inform its development, in order to make it their own, dyslexia-friendly online space. It provides support, information, advice and opportunities to engage with other young people. There are different sections for the various age groups it supports.

The Addressing Dyslexia Toolkit

The Addressing Dyslexia Toolkit is a free online resource designed for teachers and local authority staff to provide information and guidance on supporting learners with dyslexia. Although developed to support children and young people at school the information and resources are still applicable for post school settings.

The various sections can support staff to examine their own knowledge and understanding of dyslexia and to use the information to improve their practice and develop appropriate identification pathways and support approaches.

The Dyslexia This online shop stocks a wide range of products for children and adults with dyslexia and other additional support needs.

Barrington Stoke - This publisher has a wide range of books suitable for reluctant readers.  Using a specialised font and tinted paper these books are ideally suited for dyslexic readers. 

Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) produced a useful Scottish Union Learning Guide for Union Learning representatives, in liaison with Dyslexia Scotland and other partners.

Download The Scottish Union Learning Guide for Union Learning representatives Dyslexia Guide

This Dyslexia guide has been developed to help Union Learning Representatives to support and signpost people in the workplace who may have dyslexia, and to encourage them to contact relevant organisations that can provide the expertise required.

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