4. Summary

By now you should have an awareness of:

  • The education context for dyslexia and your role
  • What dyslexia is and its impact
  • How dyslexia is identified and assessed in school and post school
  • Where to access information, resources and practical strategies to adopt inclusive practice in CLD

Activity 9

Reflect on what you do well and where you could improve in relation to detecting and supporting dyslexia in your setting, learning community and sector in which you volunteer or work. You might like to use the table shown below and which is also in your reflective log; or use a mind map or other means of taking notes.

Once you have identified these issues think about how you could improve what you do.

 In my setting In our learning community In our sector
What I /we do well   
What needs to improve    
How to improve    

Case Study 2: Catherine

4.1 What next?