A vision for teacher education

Fundamental change is difficult to achieve and takes time. This course is just the start of your journey. Each week we will provide you with tools that will help you to gradually develop your own expertise in the sorts of classroom approaches that teachers will need to use if national policy aspirations across Africa are to be realised.

In this first activity you will begin to consider and articulate your vision for effective teaching and learning.

Activity 1.1: Your vision

Timing: (Allow approximately 15 minutes)

Teacher educators are crucial if current policy aspirations are to be realised. In this activity you will reflect on your own vision for learning and teaching, and the sort of teacher educator you would like to be. In your notebook record your responses to the following questions:

  1. Write down some words or phrases to describe your vision for quality learning and teaching. To inform your description think about what an ideal school classroom looks like. What would the teachers and students be doing? What role would the teacher be playing? How would teachers treat their students?
  2. Ken Robinson is a speaker and international advisor on education to governmental, non-profit, education and arts bodies. Watch a short video of Ken Robinson speaking:
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  1. Why does Ken Robinson compare teaching to gardening? Do you agree with what Ken says?
  2. What conditions could you create in your context for teachers and student teachers to flourish?