Making teacher education pedagogy more interactive

Most of the TESSA OER are linked to the school curriculum. It is relatively easy to see how they can be used to support micro-teaching, teaching practice, subject teaching and teaching methods.

However, many teacher educators spend a considerable amount of time on ‘professional studies’ – child psychology, the sociology of education, learning theories, etc. How these topics are taught also matters. Your students are just as likely to remember how you teach them as what you teach them. Remember, in teacher education ‘the medium is the message’.

Activity 2.8: Interactive teacher

Timing: (Allow approximately 30 minutes)

Read the case study ‘Teaching the sociology of education’ [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)]   about how a teacher educator changed her own practice.

Think about a teaching session that you ran recently. How could you make the session more interactive? Draw on the case study, the TESSA Key Resources and, if appropriate the subject OER for some ideas. Could you use ICT to help?

Your session does not need to be as radical as Anne’s approach – very small changes to the type of questions you ask or using pair work can make a difference. For instance, think of ways you can move away from simply dictating notes or giving a lecture as these are likely to be passive from a learner perspective.

Thinking about teacher education programmes

Identifying your professional needs