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Parts of this course have been adapted from a course originally authored for the TESS-India programme. The TESS-India MOOC Enhancing teacher education through OER was led by Professor Freda Wolfenden of The Open University.

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Grateful acknowledgement is made to the following sources:

Course homepage

TESSA banner image, TESSA/OU.

Section 1

A vision for teacher education: children doing cup activity, TESSA/OU.

National policy: map of Africa, TESSA/OU.

Tools for the 21st century: ICT (left to right, top to bottom): children using tablets, © Book Aid International, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-commercial-No Derivatives License ( licenses/ by-nc-nd/ 2.0/); computer lab, © Nedra, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-commercial-Share Alike License ( licenses/ by-nc-sa/ 2.0/); wireless router, © Tim Walker, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License ( licenses/ by/ 2.0/); camera, boy wakanmuri, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License ( licenses/ by/ 2.0/); Raspberry Pi, TESSA/OU; teacher using laptop in a field, © Roel Burgler, with kind permission; teachers using laptops in Egerton Primary School library, TESSA/OU; charging tablet trolley, Hannah Dillon – trolley design by Roger DeWet for Breteau Foundation; projector, Science LLC; man using radio, TESSA/OU.

Open Educational Resources: OER graphic, © Ron Mader/Open Educational Resources, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License ( licenses/ by/ 2.0/); three teachers seated looking at papers, TESSA/OU.

An introduction to TESSA: TESSA website screenshot, TESSA/OU; Dr Henry Busulwa audio and photograph, with kind permission from Dr Henry Busulwa; selection of TESSA OER materials, TESSA/OU.

Section 2

Reflecting on learner-centred education: children at desk, TESSA/OU; UNESCO report, UNESCO-IICBA.

TESSA Key Resources: booklet, TESSA/OU.

Section 3

Using ICT in the classroom: hand-drawn poster of desktop screen, TESSA/OU.

Using ICT effectively: teachers using laptops in Egerton Primary School library, TESSA/OU.

A vision for the future?: Protea Glen School video, ©

Section 4

The OER cycle: OER cycle flow chart, OU (originally designed for the TESS-India course Enhancing teacher education through OER).

Integrating OER: four teachers working in pairs, TESSA/OU.

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