Unit 10: Scots and work


In this unit you will learn about the ways the Scots language has been used in different working environments. Language and trade obviously overlap in numerous ways, and this unit will focus on some examples from Scottish life where interesting uses of Scots have been part of working life.

There are three working environments focused on in this unit: traditional trades, specifically from Orkney and Shetland; crops and food production across Scotland; and mining, particularly in and around Ayrshire.

Important details to take notes on throughout this unit:

  • Language links between Scots and the languages of Faroe, Norway and other Scandinavian countries
  • Loss of vocabulary due to a loss of traditional trades and lifestyles
  • Links between traditional trades and modern food production
  • Scots and poverty.

Activity 1

Before commencing your study of this unit, you may wish to jot down some thoughts on the four important details we suggest you take notes on throughout this unit. You could write down what you already know about each of these four points, as well as any assumption or question you might have. You will revisit these initial thought again when you come to the end of the unit.

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10. Introductory handsel