Further research

The Historical Thesaurus of Scots [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] :

This project, in its pilot phase, uses the data in the DSL and aims to create a full historical guide to Scots vocabulary, using the Historical Thesaurus of English as its model. It already provides a valuable tool for those wishing to explore Scots vocabulary in some depth.

The Scots origins of place names in Britain:

This resource from GetOutside by Ordnance Survey provides a brief overview of the language along with a comprehensive e-book, detailing and listing the elements of place names which have been derived from Scots. There are other versions on the site for Gaelic, Scandinavian and Welsh languages. Of great interest to those wishing to understand local and national geography and history.

St Andrews Institute of Scottish Historical Research:

This blog-post gives an overview of Chris Robinson’s work on The Flemish Influence on Scottish Language as well as some interesting insights into the difficulties in tracing with certainty the origins of Scots words. It also includes references for further reading.

SCILT Passeport pour la Francophonie:

Containing content migrated from Education Scotland this resource gives detail for learners on the ancient links between Scots and French as well as some activities to explore Scots.

Scots Language Centre: The Scots Language and Its European Roots:

This is an edited summary of a lecture by Dr Sheila Douglas at Robert Gordon’s University. It gives an overview of the links between Scots and other languages as well as providing a bibliography for further study.

Lallans 12 (1979): Guid Scots – gutes Deutsch:

This paper by WRW Gardner explores the links between Scots and German more fully.

Project Gutenburg: Scandinavian influence on Southern Lowland Scotch by Geogre T Flom:

This, admittedly rather old, piece of research examines the links between Scots and Scandinavian languages in more detail, attempting to list all the loan words, and their origins.

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