6.6 What I have learned

Activity 14

The final activity of this section is designed to help you review, consolidate and reflect on what you have learned in this unit. You will revisit the key learning points of the unit and the initial thoughts you noted down before commencing your study of it.

Before finishing your work on this unit, please revisit what you worked on in Activity 1, where we asked you to take some notes on what you already knew in relation to the key learning points of the unit.

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Compare your notes from before you studied this unit with what you have learned here and add to these notes as you see fit to produce a record of your learning.

Here are the key learning points again for you as a reminder:

  • The influence of geography on the production of Scottish food and drink
  • Food and drink: their role in Scottish culture
  • The Scottish eating and drinking habits and the nation’s health
  • A gastronomic trend.

6.5 Herrin, caller an saut: herring, fresh and salt

Further research