Unit structure

All units in parts 1 and 2 adopt the same template and consist of the following core elements:

  1. Introduction

  2. Handsel

  3. Content sub-sections

  4. What I have learned

  5. Further research

  6. References

  7. Acknowledgements.

This course teaches you through four main aspects:

  1. Content input – which provides you with subject matter related to the topic of the unit

  2. Activities – which guide you through the learning by explaining how to work with the content

  3. Answers – which give you an indication of the kind of things you should be taking away from this course, whether your answers to the questions in the activities were correct, and we provide model answers to show how you could have answered questions

  4. Resources – which you can use to undertake your own further research into aspects taught in the units.

Learning the Scots language