This free course was written by Emma Bell, Tim Butcher, Sunita Singh Sengupta and Cecilia Loureiro-Koechlin.

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Summary and course guide: ‘Why study this course?’, street scene: Francis Minien, MA ARPS (; ‘Course structure’, all photos: Tim Butcher; ‘Authors’, all photos: Tim Butcher.

Section 1: ‘Introduction’, chapati production line: Roger Ford; ‘Stories from the field’, diary: Avilasa Sengupta.

Section 2: ‘Introduction’, cloth man: photo by Adam Isfendiyar (; ‘Introduction’, female brick worker: photo by Jenny Wight; ‘Introduction’, advocate: Dorota Boisot; ‘Stories from the field’, woman working soap and Jaidep soap children: Dr Jaideep.

Section 3: ‘Introduction’, community cooking at the Hola Mahalla festival: Angela Ford; ‘Stories from the field [2]’, Rohit selfie: Rohit Shah.

Section 4: ‘Introduction’, ironing: Mo Greig; ‘Introduction’, Earth Day photos: Avilasa Sengupta; ‘Introduction’, street food stall:

Section 5: ‘Introduction’, women farmers: Avilasa Sengupta.

Section 6: ‘Introduction’, light goods transport, Chandni :; ‘Introduction’, laundry worker: Jenny Wight; ‘Stories from the field’, street play: Nikhil Kumar.

Section 7: ‘Introduction’, Chandni Chowk area, Delhi: Dorota Boisot; ‘Introduction’, taxi driver Amit: Sumeet Anand; ‘Introduction’, Delhi street: Sally Lyall Grant; 250409: ‘Stories from the field’, taxi driver Manoj: Sumeet Anand.

Section 8: ‘Introduction’, Pushkar street scene: Sally Lyall Grant; ‘Introduction’, Anandpur Sahib and ‘no customers’: Angela Ford; ‘Stories from the field’, diary: Avilasa Sengupta.


Section 1: ‘What are empowering methodologies?’, Film Focus 1: Emma Bell.

Section 2: ‘Management research as craft’, Film Focus 2: The Open University (images by kasto/123RF, adapted from Tul Chalothonrangsee/123RF, dolva/123RF); ‘Ethics in research’, Film Focus 3: The Open University.

Section 3: ‘Stories from the field [1]’, an interview with Dr Vandana Shiva: Avilasa Sengupta; ‘Postcolonial and indigenous management research’, Film Focus 4: The Open University (images by lightwise/123RF, tashalex/123RF); ‘Decolonising management knowledge and research practice’, Film Focus 5: Emanuela Girei; ‘Working with marginalised communities and decolonising research’, Film Focus 6: The Open University (images by Tim Butcher).

Section 4: ‘Access, trust and emergent fieldwork’, Film Focus 7: The Open University (images by Tim Butcher); ‘Voice and reflexivity in research interviewing’, Film Focus 8: The Open University; ‘Stories from the field’, Guangpuanang’s film: Guangpuanang Kahmei.

Section 5: ‘Ethnography, self and intersubjectivity’, Film Focus 9: The Open University (images by Tim Butcher); ‘Empowering research practices’, Film Focus 10: Nirmal Puwar (images by Photo 12/Alamy Stock Photo and Nirmal Puwar (×2); ‘Stories from the field’, Guangpuanang’s diary: Guangpuanang Kahmei.

Section 6: ‘Embodied research’, Film Focus 11: Torkild Thanem (images: Embodied Research Methods book cover, courtesy of Torkild Thanem and David Knights; Donald Trump, Dominick Reuter/Reuters; ‘Welcome to the revolution’/the Women’s March, © Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/Getty Images); ‘Stories from the field’, street play: Nikhil Kumar.

Section 7: ‘Visual methods’, Film Focus 12: The Open University (image by TEA/123RF).

Section 8: ‘Visual participatory research, and creative methods in studying memory and change’, Film Focus 13: courtesy of Lauren McCarthy; ‘Visual participatory research, and creative methods in studying memory and change’, Film Focus 14: Emily Keightley (image: Viceroy’s House, Collection Christophel/Alamy Stock Photo).

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