Introducing the TESSA Key Resources

Each Key Resource provides practical advice about a particular classroom approach (e.g. group work) or skill (e.g. questioning). They are suitable for primary and secondary teachers, and for teacher educators designing learning experiences for pre-service or in-service teachers.

The approaches and skills described in the Key Resources are exemplified in activities and case studies, throughout the TESSA Subject Resources. As teachers and teacher educators try out these activities, they will develop expertise in a range of skills and classroom approaches. It is important to remember that there are no rules or ‘recipes’ for these approaches, rather a few guiding principles. How an individual teacher or teacher educator manages each approach will depend on the topic they are teaching, the context, the learners and their own ‘teaching personality’. Expertise will come through practice, and reflection on that practice. The TESSA Key Resources set out the guiding principles.

As with all the TESSA OER, the Key Resources can be copied, adapted and distributed as single resources, or as a complete set.

A unit containing all of the TESSA Key Resources can be downloaded in PDF and Word format from the Downloads box below. Alternatively individual Key Resources can be downloaded from the Downloads box in their corresponding Key Resource section.