Resource 3: Reverse role play

Teacher resource for planning or adapting to use with pupils

Mrs Seidu is late

Mr Seidu is busy cleaning the house. He is carrying the baby on his back because she will not stop crying. Annie, the five-year-old, is pulling at his legs because she wants something. Mr Seidu is obviously tired, but dinner is cooking on the small fire. He shouts at some older children outside to go and fetch more wood for the fire. He talks about his problems as he works. He is worried that there may not be enough food when his wife comes home from work at the council.

Mrs Seidu arrives home. She is a little drunk and she is angry that the dinner is not ready and the house is not clean. She shouts at Mr Seidu and they have an argument, then Mrs Seidu hits Mr Seidu and storms out of the house saying she is going to get her dinner somewhere else.

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