Resource 2: Thinking about your lesson

Background information / subject knowledge for teacher

At the end of any teaching session it is always good to pause and think about how the lesson went. By asking yourself a few questions and answering them honestly you will think more deeply about your roles and responsibilities as a teacher.

Below are some questions to help you think about what you did well and what areas you could improve or develop further.

  • Did the early work with the number chart lay a good foundation for the further lessons? How did this happen?
  • Did the pupils enjoy this investigation? How do you know they enjoyed it?
  • Did all the pupils participate? If not, how could you ensure everyone takes part next time?
  • Did you feel that you were in control of the class?
  • How could you improve this lesson?
  • Would smaller groups be better? Why?
  • Did you give the pupils enough time for their tasks?
  • Did you give all pupils a chance to discuss what they did?
  • What did the pupils learn?

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Resource 3: Partial number squares