Section 4: Ways of presenting your point of view

Key Focus Question: How can you help pupils become confident and thoughtful presenters of ideas?

Keywords: own feelings; viewpoints; debate; letter; newspaper; inclusion

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this section, you will have:

  • supported pupils in expressing their points of view in speech and in writing;
  • developed your ability to help pupils understand other people’s situations, feelings and points of view;
  • used discussion to explore inclusion issues.


This section focuses on ways we express feelings and present points of view. It is important that teachers and pupils are able to do this with confidence, both in speech and in writing, in order to participate in decision-making in the family, school and wider community. As a teacher, you have an important role to play. You need to be able to argue your case within the school for such things as resources and ways of working, and also you need to support your pupils as they develop these skills.

It is important that all pupils feel included in the classroom and community, regardless of their state of health, home circumstances or any disability.

1. Using writing to elicit children's feelings