Resource 1: The scavenger hunt game

Teacher resource for planning or adapting to use with pupils

Students were given the ‘list of items’ in the central column. The table then shows how Groups A and D solved the challenge of finding examples of the items.

Group A – 12 minutesList of itemsGroup D – 9 minutes
Ms Obiri’s diamondThe hardest of substancesA steel screw
Milk From a cow A shoe and a leather belt
Goat droppings from the roadSomething eatenA leaf eaten by an insect
Ohene cries and laughsSomething changedA burnt match
Our group – four boys and three girlsA mixtureAir in an empty glass
SaltSomething pureSugar
CandleSomething that disappearsWater (evaporates)
PencilFrom a treePaper
Glass from sandSomething from somethingSame paper
Sand againFrom the mountainsThe wind and the tap water

Note: The good thing about this game is its open-endedness. There are not ‘right answers’ – just ‘good’ answers and ‘very good’ answers.

3. Organising investigations

Resource 2: Lesson plan: Which can be compressed – solid, liquid or gas?