1.6.2  Using multiple methods and materials in health education

Human behaviour can be very complex, so in the effort to influence behaviour towards good health practices the Health Extension Practitioner is expected to understand different educational methods and a variety of media that she could use to conduct health education sessions. A mix of educational methods is important to hold the attention of your audiences and convey the messages to their best effect.

  • Now read Case Study 1.1 and give some reasons why Meron did not receive good feedback.

    Case Study 1.1  Meron

    Meron is a Health Extension Practitioner, who frequently goes to the local school to conduct health education sessions. Whenever she goes to the school she carries her posters, leaflets, charts and other educational materials with her. After class she asks her students in a feedback session about how the session has gone. She is always happy with the feedback she is given.

    One day Meron went to school to create awareness on sanitation, but on that day she did not carry her educational aids with her. At the end of the class the feedback from the students is not as good as previously.

  • The feedback may not have been as good as she expected because she didn’t use different educational materials and the session may have been boring for her students. Also on this day she will only have used one method of communication – talking. Had she had her posters and other materials she would have been able to appeal to students in different ways.

1.6.1  Participation

1.6.3  Organising and planning