Health Education, Advocacy and Community Mobilisation Module: 10. How to Teach Health Education and Health Promotion

Study Session 10  How to Teach Health Education and Health Promotion


This study session focuses on your work as a health educator. Health education is a very important part of your work and if you do it well it will help you improve the health of the people for whom you are responsible. In this session you will learn about teaching methods as well as some of the teaching materials you will be using in your work. Teaching methods refers to ways through which health messages are used to help solve problems related to health behaviours. Teaching materials or aids are used to help you and support the communication process in order to bring about desired health changes in the audience.

In this study session you will be able to learn about those concepts and definitions (Figure 10.1), as well as the practical application of teaching methods and health learning materials that will help you in your work.

A poster asking What am I going to learn today?
Figure 10.1  And what are you going to teach today? (Photo: Henk van Stokkom)

Learning Outcomes for Study Session 10