Project mathematics update

About this course

Suggested study hours 30

Format pdf for 10 booklets

What's included

There are three components to the materials.

PM751 One booklet containing notes on the central importance of generalisation in secondary mathematics, and a large collection of situations which call upon expressing generality.

  • PM751: Expressing generality

PM752 Five booklets each on a different mathematical theme: decimals, infinity, notation, picturing functions and doing and undoing, full of tasks with some commentary.

  • PM752A: Actions into words

  • PM752B: Doing and undoing

  • PM752C: Approaching infinity

  • PM752D: Picturing functions

  • PM752E: Dealing with decimals

PM753 Four booklets providing a structured approach to preparing to teach any topic, exemplified in equations, probability, ratio and angle.

  • PM753A: Preparing to teach angle

  • PM753B: Preparing to teach ratio

  • PM753C: Preparing to teach equations

  • PM753D: Preparing to teach probability

The structured approach is described more fully in Mason & Johnston-Wilder (2008) and other academic publications.

Who is the course for?

PM751 and PM753 could be used by secondary students looking for further stimulation beyond the regular curriculum. They could be used by people studying to become teachers or by teachers who want to extend their appreciation of mathematical themes and topics.

Course materials