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Obtaining Sense

Do I have the latest version of Sense?


Occasionally we will update Sense in order to fix bugs or add new features. When we do this we will announce the new version on the main Sense web page and on module forums.

The latest public version of Sense is always available at sense.open.ac.uk.

You can find the version of Sense you are running by opening the Sense environment and looking at the information in the top window bar. In the Microsoft Windows version of Sense it is given near the top left of the window; in Mac OS X it is written in the middle of the window. The version information is in the form Sense (Build xxx), where xxx is a number.

Can I copy Sense from machine to machine?


No, use the Sense installer program to put Sense on to a new computer, as this will ensure that files are in the correct location and that the machine’s settings are correctly configured to run Sense.

How do I uninstall Sense?


  • In Microsoft Windows, go to the Control Panel followed by Add or Remove Programs and find Sense in the list of installed programs. Click on the Remove button to start the uninstaller. Follow any instructions to complete the process.
  • In Mac OS X, go to the Applications folder and locate the Sense folder. Either choose Delete from the File menu at the top of the screen or drag the Sense folder to the Trash.

Uninstalling Sense does not delete your project files.

Do I need to uninstall Sense before updating to a new version?


No – the Sense installer will overwrite any files that have changed between versions. Your projects, graphics, sounds and settings will not be altered.

Will Sense be available for iPhone or iPad?


No. Unfortunately Apple’s policies for iPhone and iPad developers forbid us from writing Sense for these platforms.

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