2.6.1  Six to 24 hours’ visit and evaluation

  • Check for danger signs in the newborn and in the mother
  • Counsel the mother/family to keep the newborn warm
  • Counsel the mother/family on optimal breastfeeding
  • Check the baby’s umbilicus for bleeding
  • Counsel the mother to keep umbilicus clean and dry and take infection prevention precautions
  • Weigh the newborn, if not weighed at birth
  • Immunize the newborn with oral polio vaccine (OPV) and BCG vaccine to protect against tuberculosis
  • Give the newborn vitamin K, 1 mg (IM) if it has not been given before
  • Give one capsule of 200,000 IU (International Units) vitamin A to the mother
  • Counsel the lactating mother to take at least two more meals than usual every day.

Vaccination with OPV and BCG is taught in the Immunization Module.

2.6  Newborn postnatal follow-up home visits

2.6.2  Two days’ visit to low birth weight/preterm, low body temperature babies