2.6.4  Seven days’ visit

  • Check for danger signs in the newborn
  • Counsel and support optimal breastfeeding
  • Counsel mother/father on healthy birth spacing, on return of fertility and postpartum family planning
  • Follow-up of kangaroo mother care
  • Follow-up of counselling given during previous visits
  • Counsel mother/family to protect the newborn from infection
  • Give one capsule of 200,000 IU vitamin A to the mother if not given before
  • Immunize the newborn with OPV and BCG if not given before.

You have now covered the immediate newborn care that you will need to provide in your role as the Health Extension Practitioner. You have also seen how timing and home visits are crucial for both the immediate care and postnatal care. Your support for and advice to the mother and family of the newborn is very important and can make a big difference to the health of the mother and her new baby.

2.6.3  Three days’ visit

Summary of Study Session 2