3.1.1  Gaining the mother’s trust

When you see the mother and her sick child you should begin by greeting the mother appropriately and ask her to sit with her child. You should ask the mother if this is the first visit or a follow-up visit (unless you know this already) and ask her what the young infant’s problems are. You need to know her child's age so you can choose the right case management chart (which you will come to later in this study session). As you may recall from Study Session 1, children from birth up to two months will be assessed and classified by you according to the steps on the young infant chart.

You do not need to weigh the young infant or measure their temperature until later in the visit when you assess and classify the young infant’s main symptoms. At the early stage in the visit, you do not need to undress or disturb the baby.

3.1  Assess and classify the young infant

3.1.2  Good communication skills