3.7.1  Urgent pre-referral treatment

Urgent pre-referral treatments for a young infant are set out below (You will learn more about these in your practical skills training sessions.) You should:

  • Give the first dose of intramuscular antibiotics.
  • Give an appropriate oral antibiotic. If the infant needs an oral antibiotic for a local bacterial infection, give a first dose before referring the infant to the hospital.
  • Advise the mother how to keep the infant warm on the way to the hospital. If the mother is familiar with wrapping her infant next to her body, this is a good way to keep him warm on the way to the hospital. Keeping a sick young infant warm is very important.
  • Treat the young infant to prevent low blood sugar.
  • Refer the young infant urgently to hospital, with the mother giving frequent sips of ORS on the way. For an infant with diarrhoea, advise the mother to continue breastfeeding.

3.7.2  Treatment for a young infant who does not need urgent referral