5.6  Classify dysentery

There is only one classification for dysentery; see Box 5.8 below:

Box 5.8  Classification for dysentery

Classify a child with diarrhoea and blood in the stool as having dysentery.


You should treat the child’s dehydration in the same way as outlined earlier in this study session and give cotrimoxazole. Table 5.3 below sets out which antibiotics should be given and the correct dosage according to the weight (or age) of the child.

Table 5.3  Treatment for dysentery: give two times daily for 5 days.
Age (weight in kg)Adult tabletsPaediatric tabletsSyrup in ml
2 months up to 12 months½ 25
12 months up to 5 years137.5

5.5.3  Follow-up care for persistent diarrhoea

5.6.1  Follow-up care for dysentery