6.4.4  Follow-up care and treatment for fever or malaria

The follow-up care for high and low risk malaria is set out in Box 6.4. If the child’s fever persists after two days, or returns within 14 days of the initial classification, you should do a full re-assessment of the child. You should consider whether there are other causes of the fever.

Box 6.4  Follow-up care for malaria (low or high risk)

If the fever persists after two days, or returns within 14 days:

  • Do a full reassessment of the child.
  • Use the Assess and Classify chart.
  • Assess for other causes of fever.


  • If the child has any general danger sign or a stiff neck, treat as very severe febrile disease.
  • Ask if the child has actually been taking his antimalarial drugs. If he hasn’t, make sure that he takes it.
  • If the child has any cause of fever other than malaria, provide treatment.
  • If malaria is the only apparent cause of fever, refer the child to hospital.

6.4.3  Fever (no malaria)

6.5  Classifying measles