7.5.3  Classification of malnutrition and anaemia using a classification table

Now you have seen that when a sick child is checked for malnutrition and anaemia there will be at least two classifications: one from the four possible classifications of acute malnutrition, and another one from the three possible classifications of anaemia. Table 7.2 summarises the points you have read in this study session and shows you how to assess and classify the sick child for malnutrition and anaemia using the Assess and Classify chart.

Table 7.2  Assess and Classify chart for malnutrition and anaemia.

This study session equipped you with the knowledge and skills to make an accurate assessment of a child suffering with malnutrition and anaemia. You have also looked at how to identify different types of malnutrition and anaemia and to spot the signs or symptoms of these diseases.

7.5.2  Classification of anaemia

Summary of Study Session 7