8.1.2  Treatment of severe uncomplicated malnutrition

A child with severe uncomplicated malnutrition.
Figure 8.1  A child with severe uncomplicated malnutrition.

If a child has severe uncomplicated malnutrition (Figure 8.1), and there is an out-patient therapeutic programme (OTP) service in your health post, then you can manage the child according to the OTP protocol. You will read more about the OTP below. If the service is not available in your health post you should refer the child to a health facility where there is one.

You should give all children with a classification of severe uncomplicated malnutrition the following treatment:

  • Vitamin A (unless there is presence of oedema or they have already received vitamin A in the past six months)
  • Amoxicillin for seven days
  • A dose of folic acid 5 mg
  • Ready-to- use therapeutic food (RUTF) such as Plumpy’nut® or BP-100®.

If the child is aged two years or above, you should also give mebendazole or albendazole, preferably at the second out-patient visit which should take place seven days after the first visit to your health post. You will need to advise the mother that she should return for a follow-up visit within seven days, so that you can see whether the child has made progress.

8.1.1  Treatment of severe complicated malnutrition

8.1.3  Treatment of moderate acute malnutrition