8.1.6  Treatment of anaemia

A child with some palmar pallor (which you read about in the previous study session) may have anaemia and should be given iron (see Table 8.1 below). When there is a high risk of malaria, an antimalarial drug should also be given to a child with signs of anaemia. A child should also receive treatment for hookworm and whipworm where these infections are common.

Table 8.1  Iron treatment table.
Give one dose daily for 14 days


Ferrous sulphate 300 mg (60 mg elemental iron)


Ferrous fumarate 100 mg per 5 ml (20 mg elemental iron per ml)

2 months up to 4 months (4‒6 kg)1.00 ml (15 drops)
4 months up to 12 months (6‒10 kg)1.25 ml (20 drops)
12 months up to 3 years (10‒14 kg)½ tablet2.00 ml (30 drops)
3 years up to 5 years (14‒19 kg)½ tablet2.5 ml (35 drops)

8.1.5  Treatment of severe anaemia

8.1.7  Treatment when there is no anaemia