8.3.3  Follow-up care for anaemia

When a child who had palmar pallor returns for a follow-up visit after 14 days, you should take the steps set out in Box 8.6 below.

Box 8.6  Follow-up care for a child with anaemia

After 14 days:

  • Reassess feeding
  • Give the child iron and advise the mother to return to your health post in 14 days for more iron
  • Continue giving iron to the child every 14 days for two months
  • If the child has palmar pallor after two months, refer for assessment.

You have now covered all the important points that deal with proper management of a child with malnutrition and anaemia. Some of the points, such as assessing, feeding and counselling the mother on proper feeding practices, together with specific feeding recommendations, will be dealt with in more detail later in this Module, and are also covered in the Nutrition Module.

8.3.2  Follow-up care for moderate acute malnutrition

Summary of Study Session 8