9.3.7  Lymph node enlargement

You should try to palpate for lymph nodes around the neck, in the axilla and groin. If you palpate lymph nodes and the size is greater than 1 cm then the lymph nodes are enlarged. Persistent generalised lymphadenopathy is defined as the development of enlarged lymph nodes in two or more of the following sites: neck, axilla and groin (see the photo of children with enlarged lymphnodes in Figure 9.2 below). Generalised lymphadenopathy is one of the most common early clinical presentations of HIV-infected children.

Children with enlarged lymph nodes.
Figure 9.2   Children with enlarged lymph nodes. (Source: Teaching Aids at Low Cost, TALC)

Once you have completed your assessment of the child, the next thing you have to do is to classify the child based on your assessment findings.

9.3.6  Parotoid enlargement

9.4  Classify for HIV infection