10.4.2  No feeding problems

An infant in this classification is exclusively and frequently breastfed and the infant’s weight for age is not below the line for ‘underweight’. It is not necessarily normal or a good weight for the infant’s age, but the infant is not in the high risk category that you are most concerned with.

In this study session you have learned that it is important to obtain as much information as possible about how the infant is feeding. You learned that you can do this by asking the mother different questions and by observing breastfeeding. You also learned how to assess whether a young infant is low weight or, in older infants and children, whether they are very low weight for age. As a Health Extension Practitioner, you can provide a lot of support to encourage a mother and help her to overcome any difficulties she may be experiencing in feeding her infant. In the next study session you will look at recommendations you can give a mother for feeding her infant and children in ways that are appropriate to their age and needs.

10.4.1  Feeding problems or low weight (underweight)

Summary of Study Session 10