13.3.1  Treat eye infection with tetracycline eye ointment

  • Clean both eyes three times daily, using a clean cloth for each eye.
    • Wash hands before and after treating the eye
    • Ask the child to close the eyes
    • Use the clean cloth and water to gently wipe away pus.
  • Apply tetracycline eye ointment in both eyes three times per day.
    • Ask the child to look up
    • Squirt a small amount of ointment on the inside of the lower lid
    • Wash hands again.
  • Treat until redness is gone
  • Do not use other eye ointment or drops, or put anything else in the eye.

If you assess that the newborn has neonatal conjunctivitis you should refer the infant immediately because this is a serious problem that may lead to loss of vision. It needs treatment with injectable antibiotics.

13.3  Eye infection: conjunctivitis

13.3.2  Follow-up care for eye infection