13.3.2  Follow-up care for eye infection

You should advise the mother to return to the health post two days after the initial assessment. Box 13.3 sets out the steps to take at the follow-up visit.

Box 13.3  Follow-up for eye infection

Treatment for eye infection

After two days: Look for red eyes and pus draining from the eyes.

∙  If pus is still draining from the eye, ask the mother to describe how she has treated the eye infection. If treatment has been correct, refer the child to hospital. If treatment has not been correct, teach the mother the correct treatment.

∙  If the pus is gone but redness remains, tell the mother to continue with the treatment. After finishing the treatment, if there is no change she should return for further evaluation.

∙  If no pus or redness, stop the treatment.

13.3.1  Treat eye infection with tetracycline eye ointment

13.4  Bacterial skin infections