Summary of Study Session 13

In Study Session 13, you have learned that:

  1. All children brought to the health post should be assessed for ear, throat, eye and skin infections.
  2. Disease of the ears, throat or eyes and skin infections in children under five can give rise to serious medical problems and may lead to disability or even death.
  3. A child who has mastoiditis must be referred urgently to hospital.
  4. Wicking a child’s ear can be an effective treatment for less serious ear problems.
  5. Conjunctivitis in newborns is a serious problem that may lead to loss of vision if not treated with antibiotics.
  6. Some skin diseases can lead to serious complications, such as kidney disease, if they are not treated properly.

13.4.2  Classify and treat skin infections

Self-Assessment Questions (SAQs) for Study Session 13