15.2.1  Assess and Classify chart

You are now going to look at how to use the Assess and Classify chart. You will need to have a copy of the IMNCI chart booklet with you. It will help you to have a copy to refer to throughout the rest of this study session.

First, complete Activity 15.1.

Activity 15.1  Using the Assess and Classify chart

Open your chart booklet on page 22. You will see that this is the Assess and Classify chart for a sick child aged two months up to five years. Take a few moments to read the information there, and look at how the Assess column on the left-hand side describes how to take a history and do a physical examination. You will see that it describes how to assess for general danger signs (in the upper box) and the main symptom, cough (in the lower box). When you complete the sick child’s recording form you will need to make a note of the main symptoms and signs you found during the examination.

15.2  Selecting the appropriate case management charts

15.2.2  Identify treatment