15.6.1  How to assess for malnutrition and anaemia

  • Look for:
    • visible severe wasting
    • palmar pallor
    • oedema of both feet
    • weight for age.
  • What are the signs or palmar pallor?

  • If the skin of the child’s palm is pale, but has some pink areas, the child has some palmar pallor. If the skin is very pale or so pale that it looks white, the child has severe palmar pallor.

  • How do you determine whether there is oedema?

  • If you press gently with your thumbs on the topside of each of the child’s feet for at least three seconds and a dent remains following the pressuring, oedema is present.

15.6  Malnutrition and anaemia

15.6.2  How to classify nutritional status and anaemia