Summary of Study Session 16

In Study Session 16, you have learned that

  1. A sick young infant or child needs to be referred urgently to hospital when they have a severe classification (other than severe persistent diarrhoea when there is time to give treatment to the child before referral). Children with a general danger sign usually also need to be referred urgently.
  2. Pre-referral treatments for a sick young infant or child are critical because they can prevent serious consequences such as progression of bacterial meningitis or brain damage. They can help prevent an illness from worsening.
  3. When referring an infant or child to hospital you should reassure the mother, provide her with a referral note and supplies for the journey, and help her with arrangements for any other children at home.
  4. Counselling the mother is an important aspect of your role.
  5. ‘Treatment’ refers to drugs or other treatment that you provide at the health post or that the caregiver can be taught to provide at home.

16.7  The types of treatment

Self-Assessment Questions (SAQs) for Study Session 16