2.2.1  The importance of woman-friendly care

The principles of woman-friendly care are shown in Box 2.1.

Box 2.1  Woman-friendly care in labour and delivery

  1. It provides a service that is acceptable to the woman, which:
    • Respects her beliefs, traditions and culture
    • Considers the emotional, psychological, and social well-being of the woman
    • Provides relevant and feasible advice.
  2. It empowers the woman, and whoever she wants to be with her during the labour, so that they can become active participants in her care. Your role is then to teach them how to care for her and keep them all informed about what is happening.
  3. It considers and respects the rights of the woman:
    • Her right to information about her health and that of her baby
    • Her right to be informed about the process of labour and deliver and what to expect as it progresses
    • Her right to give or withhold her permission/consent for all examinations and procedures.
  4. It requires all healthcare staff to use good interpersonal skills and communicate clearly in language the woman can understand.

2.2  History-taking in labour

2.2.2 Recording socio-demographic data