2.2.4 Danger signs and symptoms

Ask her about any danger symptoms that she has noticed. (A symptom is something that a person experiences and can tell you about; a sign is something that only a trained health worker will notice, or can discover from an examination or test.)

  • Can you recall the danger symptoms in pregnancy from Study Session 17 of the Antenatal Care Module?

  • Danger symptoms include vaginal bleeding (heavier than show), persistent headache, blurring of vision, convulsions, loss of consciousness, epigastric or severe abdominal pain, fever, leakage of amniotic fluid before the onset of labour, and abnormal vaginal discharge. If she reports any of the above danger symptoms, refer the mother to the nearest health facility as soon as possible.

2.2.3  History of past and present pregnancy

2.3  Physical examination in labour