3.1.2  Guard the labour

When you guard the labour, you protect it from interference.

Keep rude and unkind people away. The mother should not have to worry about family problems. Sometimes even supportive and loving friends can interfere with the labour. At some births, the best way to help is to ask everyone to leave the room so that the mother can labour without being distracted.

Important! Do not use unnecessary drugs or procedures! Do not give the mother drugs to hurry the labour — they add useless risks.

Some people believe that more drugs, tools and examination of the mother will make the birth safer. But that is usually not true — they can make the birth harder or cause problems. Injections or pills that are supposed to hurry the birth can make labour more painful, and can kill both the mother and the baby.

3.1.1  Support the labour

3.1.3  Position and mobility