3.4.2  Wear protective clothing


A packet of sterile gloves.

There are different kinds of gloves for different purposes. Utility or heavy duty gloves are used for touching dirty instruments, linens and waste; doing housekeeping; and cleaning contaminated surfaces. Sterile, single-use clean examination gloves are used when you will come into contact with unbroken mucus membranes (when you are doing a vaginal examination), or when you are at risk of exposure to blood or other body fluids. Sterile (germ-free) surgical gloves are used for all procedures having contact with tissues under the skin or with the bloodstream.

Wear gloves whenever you touch the mother’s genitals, or any blood or body fluid. After use, discard the gloves safely.

Face mask, eye protection and apron or gown

A face mask, eye protection and a very clean apron or gown are worn for sorting and cleaning instruments and linens, attending a vaginal delivery, and cutting the umbilical cord. Eye protection can include goggles, face shields or plain glasses.

Feet protection

Feet protection should be a closed shoe or boot made from rubber or leather. If leather, cover the shoes with plastic bags. Shoes or boots protect the wearer from injury by sharp or heavy items, and the plastic bags protect you from blood or other body fluids on the floor.

3.4.1  Handwashing

3.4.3  Clean and high-level disinfect your tools