3.4.4  Clean surface for delivery and safe disposal of birth wastes

Make sure the area where the mother will give birth is scrubbed clean, and that all cloths, towels or drapes are clean and dry — particularly those the mother lies on and the cloths you wrap around the newborn baby to clean it.

Put all wastes after the birth (blood, contaminated cloths, membranes and the placenta) in a leak-proof container such as a tin with a tight-fitting lid, and dispose of it safely in a proper place where it is unlikely to be found. It is usually recommended to bury wastes in the ground or burn them. It is very important to prevent other people in the community from getting sick from the germs left on these wastes.

Be careful with needles. When you have finished using a disposable syringe, put the needle into the safety box. Do not leave needles lying around.

3.4.3  Clean and high-level disinfect your tools

3.5  In conclusion