4.2  Finding your way around of the partograph

The partograph is actually your record chart for the labouring mother (Figure  4.1). It has an identification section at the top where you write the name and age of the mother, her ‘gravida’ and ‘para’ status, her Health Post or hospital registration number, the date and time when you first attended her for the delivery, and the time the fetal membranes ruptured (her ‘waters broke’).

  • What is the difference between a woman who is a multigravida and one who is a multipara?

  • A multigravida is a woman who has been pregnant at least once before the current pregnancy. A multipara is a woman who has previously given birth to live babies at least twice before now.

On the back of the partograph (if you are not using another chart), you can also record some significant facts, such as the woman’s past obstetric history, past and present medical history, any findings from a physical examination and any interventions you initiate (including medications, delivery notes and referral).

4.1  The value of using the partograph

4.2.1  The graph sections of the partograph