7.4.3  The initial actions

The list below sets out the actions you should take for all newborns in the sequence shown, irrespective of the degree of asphyxia:

  1. Fast drying as shown in Figure 7.8
  2. Keeping the baby warm.
  3. Clearing the mouth and nose as shown in Figure 7.9
  4. Apply gentle tactile stimulation to initiate or enhance breathing as shown in Figure 7.10
  5. Simultaneously assessing the degree of asphyxia as shown earlier in Tables 7.1 to 7.3
  6. Positioning the baby for resuscitation if there are signs of asphyxia, as shown in Figure 7.11

Now study each of these figures in turn. Look at them carefully and make sure that you read the captions and other notes associated with them.

7.4.2  Checking the newborn’s heart rate

7.4.4  Dry the baby quickly and keep it warm