7.4.6  Apply gentle tactile stimulation to initiate or enhance breathing

Figure 7.10  How to give gentle tactile stimulation: (left) rub the baby’s abdomen up and down; (centre and right) flick the underside of the baby’s foot with your fingers.

Important!DO NOT stimulate by:

These types of stimulation are dangerous and can damage the newborn.

  • Slapping the back
  • Squeezing the rib cage
  • Forcing the baby’s thighs into its abdomen
  • Dilating the anal sphincter (the ring of muscle that closes the anus)
  • Hot or cold compresses or baths
  • Shaking the umbilical cord.

7.4.5  Clearing the mouth and nose

7.4.7  If you diagnose asphyxia, start resuscitation!