7.4.8  Ventilate at 40 breaths per minute

Count out loud: ‘Breathe — two — three’ as you ventilate the baby (see Figure 7.14). Squeeze the bag as you say ‘Breathe’ and release the pressure on the bag as you say ‘two — three’. This helps you to ventilate with an even rhythm, at a rate that the newborn’s lungs are naturally adapted to.

The amount of air you are moving into and out of the lungs is the equivalent of about 40 breaths per minute. Apply enough pressure to create a noticeable, gentle rise and fall in the baby’s chest. The first few breaths may require higher pressures, but if the baby appears to be taking a very deep breath, you are using too much pressure.

Figure 7.14  Timing the rate of ventilation as you say ‘Breathe — two — three’.

7.4.7  If you diagnose asphyxia, start resuscitation!

7.4.9  Evaluate the baby during ventilation