8.8  Management of women with malpresentation or multiple pregnancy

As you have seen in this study session, any presentation other than vertex has its own dangers for the mother and baby. For this reason, all women who develop abnormal presentation or multiple pregnancy should ideally have skilled care by senior health professionals in a health facility where there is a comprehensive emergency obstetric service. Early detection and referral of a woman in any of these situations can save her life and that of her baby.

  • What can you do to reduce the risks arising from malpresentation or multiple pregnancy in women in your care?

  • During focused antenatal care of the pregnant women in your community, at every visit after 36 weeks of gestation you should check for the presence of abnormal fetal presentation. If you detect abnormal presentation or multiple pregnancy, you should refer the woman before the onset of labour.

8.7.3  Consequences of twin pregnancy

Summary of Study Session 8